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Frequently Asked Questions -

Draws & Undersubscribed


What is a 999 application?

If you do not plan on hunting/sportfishing this year, you can increase your priority by 1 with a priority only (also called 999) application. If you do not plan on hunting/sportfishing, you should not submit an application for a specific WMU or season.

Can I apply with a friend?

Yes, up to 4 people can apply as a group for one application fee (for most draws – some draws only allow 1 or 2 applicants). All group members will have the same draw choices and all will usually be drawn or not drawn together (see information on Walleye and Antelope below). If a group submits a 999 (priority only) application, the priority of all members will increase by 1.

Is there any disadvantage to applying as a group?

The group application will use the lowest priority of all the group members for the draw. For example, if one group member has 2 points and the other members have 5 points, the application will have 2 points (If drawn, each member of the application will have their priority dropped to 0, while if not drawn, each applicant will have their individual priority increased by 1).

Do I need a valid WIN card to apply for the draws?

No. A WIN number is required, but you do not need to renew your card if it is expired when you apply for the draws. A valid WIN card is required to purchase any drawn licence(s).

Can I apply for a different draw choice than last year and not lose priority?

Yes, you can apply for any draw choice within the same draw code without affecting your priority.

Will I still get a point if I am drawn for one Walleye (or Antelope) draw but apply for others?

Yes, if you are drawn for Walleye Class A but also apply for Class B or C, you will still get a point in those draws. Note that you can be drawn at most once per year across all three draws. The same applies for Trophy Antelope, Antelope Archery, and Non-Trophy Antelope.

How can I check my application?

Any group member can see their application details in My Account > Draw Applications. Email receipts will be provided to the group leader at the time of purchase.

What happens if I make a mistake in my application?

All Applications can be edited until the application period ends, either online by the group leader or by contacting the Help Desk. Application choices or group members can be changed. When an application is changed the group leader will receive an email with an updated application receipt. Applications submitted for an incorrect draw may be cancelled by the Help Desk (no refund will be issued). Applications cannot be edited or cancelled once the application period ends.


What are my chances of winning?

Chances of winning depend on priority and number of applicants for each location. For information on award percentages from previous years, please visit

Why did my priority drop to 0 after the draw?

All drawn applicants’ priority is reduced to 0, whether or not the awarded licence is actually purchased.

Why was I not drawn but other group members were?

If you are drawn in one Walleye (or Antelope) draw, you are excluded from the later draws for the same species. If applications for these draws have different group members, your group members in the second or third draw may be drawn without you if you were drawn in a previous draw with different applicants.

How are licences awarded in the draw?

All applications are assigned a random number. Applications with highest priority are awarded their choices first for each location. If there are more applications with the same priority than licences remaining, the random numbers are used to determine which applications are drawn. In draws that do not confer priority, random numbers are the only selection method used for all applications.

How can I check my draw results?

Draw results can be checked through My Account > Draw Applications. Once results are published, they will be visible to all group members.

What does the draw application status in my account mean?

The most common application statuses are:

  • Successful - Awarded a special licence and priority set to 0 points.
  • Unsuccessful - Not awarded, 1 priority point added if the draw confers priority.

Where can I obtain more information on the Big Game Draw?

Go to and click on Alberta Hunting Draws.

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Harvest Surveys / Activity Reports

Where can I find information about the 2016 harvest & effort survey licence opportunity?

This information can be found here.

Where can outfitters sign in to submit Activity Reports?

Outfitters may log in to the Activity Reporting page here.

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I do not currently have a WIN number. How do I get one?

Click Create Account on the home page and follow the prompts. You may also visit any Licence Issuer and fill out a WIN application to create an account. Once you purchase a WIN card you will be assigned a WIN number. You will receive your new card in approximately 3-5 weeks.

I forgot my WIN number. What do I do?

Please Contact Us and a customer support representative will be happy to help you. You will be required to confirm your identity so that we can assist you.

Why can't I log in? My WIN number/password are not being accepted.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps to get you logged in.

  • is a new website and you have to register as a new user if you haven't logged in since March 17, 2014. If you have a WIN number and have not signed in to AlbertaReLM in since March 17, 2014, click Sign In on the home page and Look up your profile to find your account.
  • When entering your WIN number, enter only numbers, no spaces.

When I signed in I was issued a new WIN number. HELP!

Please Contact Us and a customer support representative will be happy to help you.

What do I do if I don't have a driver's licence number?

If you do not have a driver's licence number you may use any of the following identifiers in your profile:

  • Health Card ID#
  • Passport
  • Canadian Armed Forces #

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WIN Cards

When can I expect to receive my WIN card in the mail?

WIN cards take approximately 3-5 weeks for delivery from the date of purchase. If your card was ordered more than 5 weeks ago and you have not received it, please go to the Contact Us page and send us your information so that we can follow up.

I lost my WIN Card. How do I get a new one?

Log into your account and click on Replace WIN Card to order a new card. You can also purchase a replacement at any Licence Issuer. The replacement fee is $4.00 (plus GST). If your WIN Card has expired you can renew it for 5 additional years for $8.00 (plus GST).

Do I need to wait for my WIN Card to come in the mail to purchase my licence?

No, as long as you have your valid WIN number you can purchase a licence. WIN numbers are 10 digits and begin with the number 1, e.g. 1200000000.

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Licence Purchases

Can I purchase a licence over the phone?

No, licences can be purchased on the website, or at a Licence Issuer.

Why does an Annual Sportfishing Licence expire March 31 rather than being valid for one year from the date of purchase?

The sportfishing season follows the Government of Alberta fiscal calendar which runs April 1 - March 31. This calendar aligns very well with Alberta's sportfishing seasons as ice fishing transitions to into spring open water season. Standardized seasons also allow resource managers to better report both participation rates and program effectiveness on an annual basis.

What colour are the current licence year tags?

The current licence year tag is green in colour. Older tags, prior to 2014 (yellow tags, etc) are no longer valid and cannot be used.

How do I obtain tags to use with my online licence purchase?

You have 3 options to order tags:

1. Order tags on
  • Go to the Contact Us page and select Order Tags in the Problem/Question dropdown.
  • Provide your complete mailing address in the Details section so that your order can be processed immediately.
  • Include the number of tags you would like sent to you.
  • Complete the remaining items in the form.
  • Click Submit Form.
  • You will receive your tags in 7 to 10 business days.

2. Pick up tags free of charge at an Alberta Fish & Wildlife District Office:
3. Order tags by calling the Help Desk at 1-888-944-5494:
  • Be ready to provide the representative with your full name, mailing address and the number of tags you are requesting.
  • You will receive your tags in 7 to 10 business days.

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Hunting & Sportfishing Regulations

Where can I get a copy of Alberta's WMU Map?

Alberta's WMU map can be found at the following link:

Do I have to carry my licence with me while sportfishing or hunting?

Yes, you must have your licence with you.

Can I renew my Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) at

The PAL replaced the previous Firearms Acquisition Certificates (FAC) and is controlled by the RCMP. Your PAL can be renewed at

Can I hunt wolf/coyote without a licence?

Residents of Alberta with right of access to the area they are hunting in may hunt wolf/coyote without a licence at certain times of the year. Please consult the Alberta Hunting Regulations at for more information.

Can anglers in Alberta use barbed hooks?

Barbed hooks are not illegal at present in Alberta, however Alberta Environment & Parks is requesting that anglers refrain from using them. Please see for more information.

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